Introductory Talk

We begin the process with a free Introductory Talk. I’ll talk about why and how Vedic Meditation works, what to expect from the course, and answer any questions you have. There’s no obligation to sign-up for the 4-day course, and it’s a great place to learn more and see if it feels like the right fit.


Vedic Meditation 4-Day Course

Vedic Meditation is taught in four 90-minute sessions over four consecutive days. You’ll have the chance to practice with me and integrate it at home. By the end of the course, you’ll be a confident, self-sufficient meditator with a daily practice you look forward to.


Continuing Support

After the course, you’ll have access to a lifetime of unlimited follow-up and personal support around your practice, including free group meditations and the ability to re-take the 4-day course as many times as you’d like. I’m here to support you well beyond the course, if you have questions about your practice or just need some extra encouragement.


Course Overview

DAY 1 (60 min) Introduction to the Technique
I’ll walk you through the technique, step-by-step, and you’ll have your first meditation in this session.

DAY 2 (90 min) The Mechanics of Meditation
We’ll cover the mechanics of meditation and refine your technique. You’ll understand how to meditate with less effort, more ease, and how to fit meditation into your daily schedule.

DAY 3 (90 min) Stress & The Body
We’ll take an in-depth look at stress, and why meditation is one of the most powerful ways to dissolve stress in the body and transform our mental and physical capabilities. We’ll also talk about the nature of the mind and why thoughts are actually a good thing in meditation.

DAY 4 (90 min) Building a Long-Term Practice
On the last day, we’ll talk about developing a long-term practice, and the benefits that evolve and get better over time. You’ll feel inspired to practice consistently, and confident integrating it into your life.

Course Fee

Adults: $990 (or 3 payments of $387)
Full-time students: $550 (or 2 payments of $287)
Teens (age 12-17): $360
Kids (age 4-11): Free (one parent must have learned Vedic Meditation)

What’s Included?

  • The Vedic Meditation 4-day course

  • Continuing support around your practice via phone & email

  • Access to free group meditations & knowledge talks

  • Ability to re-take the course as many times as you’d like, at no cost

Private & Corporate courses

Prefer to learn one-on-one or integrate meditation into your workplace? Private, corporate, family and couples courses are available. Please get in touch for availability and rates.