About Caroline Aulis

I discovered meditation around the age of 13 and was immediately drawn to the whole idea of it. Having experienced a lot of anxiety as a child and into my 20s, the ability to locate a natural stability beneath the roughness was revolutionary to me, and it prompted a 15-year exploration into many different meditation techniques.

My fascination with meditation continued, but I struggled to create a daily practice, and one that I looked forward to. Eventually, tired of navigating it on my own, I sought out a teacher who happened to teach Vedic Meditation, and it changed everything for me.

Having someone guide me through the process gave me a depth of understanding that made meditation easier, more enjoyable, and it became integral to my life. I began to see immediate changes in my mental clarity, confidence, and overall happiness, just by sitting each day.

Prior to teaching meditation, I worked as a researcher and strategist for some of the world’s leading brands, helping them better design for the needs of their customers. While I loved this work, the ability to help others tap into greater stability and joy was something that became even more meaningful. I left the corporate world and dove full-time into the world of meditation, completing a rigorous residential training in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas with my teacher and world-renowned expert, Thom Knoles.

We often think that having an absence of demands or challenges will bring us greater happiness. Rather, it’s our ability to successfully interact with life, and all that it brings, which gives us joy.

Having a practice to replenish and expand our internal capabilities and resources makes all the difference. In my perspective, we meditate not to retreat from the world, but to participate more fully in it.