The University of Michigan
Paper, ink, thread, canvas

The design challenge: recycle something. 

We often associate the act of recycling with physical objects, but 624 explored this cyclical process in an immaterial manner, by exploring a cycle of information. 

Over a 3-week period, posters were installed in four women's bathrooms at The University of Michigan, each posing questions that encouraged people to speak candidly about themselves. Attached to each poster was a compartment to anonymously submit one's answer using paper and pens that were provided. Six hundred and twenty-four responses were collected at the end of the period, and delicately sewn together.

Focusing on vulnerability and identity in women, 624 asked women to divulge their secrets, fears, and dreams. Rarely do we express these thoughts openly, but if given the chance to answer anonymously, we are often willing to be more candid. 

The cycle completed when each response was sent back to its originator, this time in a different form: surrounded by everyone else's.